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Welcome to WoodwindTech.
I have recently retired from my job at Royalton Music, and since I have time on my hands, I have been repairing instruments at the shop in my home in Cleveland Hts.
Give me a call, or email me and we can set up an appointment for us to check over what your instrument needs.
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Woodwind Tech provides professional care to your woodwind musical instrument.  Whether it be a  repad, overhaul, or regular maintenance, Dave Henry of Woodwind Tech gives each instrument personal attention. A quality repad will restore your instrument to a playing condition, possibly even better than when it was purchased new.  Dave has been repairing and learning new techniques on musical instruments for 35 years.
Since I play flute and other woodwinds, I can tell if an instrument is not playing to its full potential.  And I also know what to do to get it right.
If you are not in need of a repad, I will also effect necessary repairs only.  Or, if you just have a question,   Or call 216 586 4813

Please make an appointment for estimate or service. Serving the Cleveland Ohio area.
If shipping,  email me for the address.

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Here are descriptions of the flute and clarinet repad / overhaul. See below for saxophone repair information.

Flute (and piccolo) repad/overhaul

  • Disassembly, including pinned key sections
  • Chemical cleaning and hand polish
  • Most dents removed 
  • New corks and pads, including waxed head joint cork
  • Pads checked for pneumatic seal
  • Reassembly, repairing wobbly keys, leveling each pad using shimming techniques
  • Regulation and testing

Partial shimming on a flute
Partial shimming on a flute repair
Gemeinhardt Armstrong Yamaha Emerson Artley Bundy Selmer Powell Tom Green
Flute Repad/Overhaul:   $325
Open hole Flute:            $450  (Intermediate)
Piccolo Repad:              $325 - $500
If overhaul is not needed --
Clean, oil and adjust (up to 4 pads) (Student Flute):  $125
Professional flute:  $800 plus pads

Please email for appointment

Bb Clarinet Overhaul:

  • Examined for cracks
  • Disassembly of clarinet
  • Buff keys and metal parts
  • Keys tightened between posts and on rods 
  • Uneven tone holes refaced
  • Springs cleaned and oiled
  • Wooden clarinet bodies brushed and oiled (unless that is not your preference)
  • Reassembly of clarinet with new pads, leveling each pad
  • Masters pad on register key (student)
  • New corks, including new tenon corks
  • Regulation and testing
Leak testing clarinet with feeler
Leak testing clarinet with feeler
(Bb) Clarinet overhaul (plastic)   $325
Clarinet repad (wooden)               $450
Bass Clarinet repad (plastic)        $525
Bass Clarinet repad (wooden)      $625

If overhaul is not needed:
Typical adjustments and repairs soprano clarinet (up to 4 pads, 1 tenon cork):  $135 plus shipping

Please email for an appointment

Click here for information on the Saxophone Repad and Repair

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