Woodwind Tech
Saxophone Repads and Repair

Woodwind Tech provides professional care to your woodwind musical instrument.  Whether it be a  repad, overhaul, or other repair work, Dave Henry of Woodwind Tech gives each instrument personal attention. A quality repad will restore your instrument to a playing condition, possibly even better than when it was purchased new.  Dave has been repairing and learning new techniques for 35 years.

I have retired from my previous job at an area music store, and am now accepting jobs at the shop in my home.

Please email if you have a question or want to make an appointment for repad or regular maintenance.
Serving the Cleveland, Ohio area.
davehenry7@me.com     Or call/text 216 571 0072     
I also play sax, so I am aware of how the instrument should respond.  Sometimes just one bad pad can prevent a sax from playing easily.
Usually, difficulty in playing is caused by an accumulation of leaks throughout the instrument if it hasn't been serviced in a while. Pads must be in good shape to seal the air properly.

If you are not in need of a repad, I will also effect necessary repairs only.  Or, if you just have a question, 
email: (davehenry7@me.com)

Saxophone Repad

Alto Sax Repad: $525
Dismantle-- Clean, Oil, Adjust: $275

Soprano Sax $525
Tenor Sax: $650
Baritone:  quote
Professional or vintage:  add 25%

Send  email (davehenry7@me.com)
for questions or appointment
or text: 216 571 0072

PayPal, cash or check.

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