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Experienced in all band instruments, but specializing in woodwinds,
I have worked as a quality control technician servicing instruments
that are fresh from the factory, among others.
I have found that issues affecting playability can exist from day
one and it is my goal to track down these problems,
and more recent issues, to make the instrument play as it should.
A leak-free instrument is so much easier to play and allows for better artistic expression.

Presently I have set up shop in my home, and am semi-retired.

Dave Henry

For appointment and address - Call or Text 216 571 0072 

If you would like to make your instrument play better,
please make an appointment for a consultation
at my Cleveland Hts. home shop.



Repads, Repair and Overhauls for

Flute Clarinet  Saxophone

                   Also Oboe, Bassoon

Woodwind Tech provides professional care to your woodwind musical instrument.  Whether a repad, or regular maintenance, Dave Henry of Woodwind Tech gives each instrument personal attention. A quality repad or COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) will restore your instrument to a playing condition, possibly even better than when it was purchased new.  I have been repairing and learning new techniques on musical instruments for 40 years.
Since I play flute and other woodwinds, I can tell if an instrument is not playing to its full potential.  And I also know what to do to get it right.
If you are not in need of a repad, I will also effect necessary repairs only.  Or, if you just have a question,  Call / Text 216 571 0072

Free adjustments on your instrument for a year after COA or Repad

Make an appointment for estimate or service. Serving the Cleveland, Ohio area.
No charge for consultation or estimate.
Using air pressure testing equipment, I find the leaks in the pads and other areas of the instrument. Then I seal the leaks to restore the reponsiveness and ease of playing the instrument.

Here are descriptions of the flute and clarinet repad / overhaul
Click below for saxophone repair information.

Flute (and piccolo) repad/minor overhaul

  • Disassembly, including pinned key sections
  • Chemical cleaning and hand polish - no buffing
  • Most dents removed (metal body)
  • New felts, corks and (felt) pads, including waxed head joint cork
  • Pads checked for pneumatic seal
  • Reassembly, repairing wobbly keys, leveling each pad using shimming techniques
  • Also toneholes levelled when feasible
  • Regulation and testing

       Partial shimming on a flute
Partial shimming on a flute pad.
Dips in the pad or tonehole can be filled by shimming under the pad, sealing the leaking air. DipsDipsDips in the pad or tonehole can ell Tom Green


Student Flute Repad: Woven felt pad  $351
Open hole Flute (Int): Woven felt pad $459
Piccolo Repad: $324 - $594

Professional Flute Repad: $972 plus pads
(Pisoni felt, S2, Straubinger)
Steels, screws, springs are usually not replaced, unless necessary.

   If repad is not needed --
Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)
Consists of:
Remove keys, clean, reassemble,
replacing loose corks and leveling pads.
And special attention to any other issues. Address loose or tight joints.
Only done if most of the pads are still good.

Student/Intermediate Flute: $108/$162
Pro flute:  $216
Higher if more than two pads needed.
8% sales tax included

Damage to body, keys -- extra

Straubinger certified  Straubinger trained

Call / Text 216 571 0072
  for appointment and address.

Bb Clarinet minor overhaul:

  • Examined for cracks, and small cracks sealed
  • Disassembly of clarinet
  • Springs cleaned and oiled
  • Clarinet bodies cleaned and oiled
  • Polish keys and metal parts
  • Keys tightened between posts and on rods 
  • Uneven tone holes refaced
  • Reassembly of clarinet with new pads, leveling each pad
  • Cork or felt pads on upper, Valentino Masters or felt on lower section
  • Or your choice of pad
  • New corks, including new tenon corks
  • Regulation and testing

 Overhaul pricing examples 
(Bb) Clarinet                            $351
Clarinet repad (pro or vintage)    $459
Bass Clarinet repad (plastic)       $594
Bass Clarinet repad (wooden)     $702

Steels, screws, springs are usually not replaced, unless necessary.

If overhaul is not needed (pads are mostly good):
Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA)
Remove keys, clean, reassemble,
replacing loose key corks, leveling pads
and sealing pad and body leaks.

Student soprano clarinet COA:  $108-$135   
Pro level COA: $216

Damage to body, keys -- extra

8% sales tax included
Call / Text 216 571 0072  for appointment and address

Click here for information on the Saxophone Repad and Repair

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