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My experience as a woodwind repair technician serving area music stores in the Cleveland, Ohio area, since the late 70s, has given me insight into what it takes  to get an instrument to perform optimally. Experienced in all band instruments, but specializing in woodwinds,  I have worked as a quality control technician servicing instruments that are fresh from the factory, and others. I have found that issues affecting playability can exist from day one and it is my goal to track down these problems, and more recent issues, to make the instrument play as it should. Presently I have set up shop in my home, and am semi retired. I still enjoy repairing, and welcome inquiries from those who would like an opinion  on what their instrument needs to make it more responsive.
Dave Henry

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Please make an appointment for a consultation at my Cleveland Hts. home shop.
Specializing in Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone.

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