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Saxophone Repads and Repair

Woodwind Tech provides professional care to your saxophone.  Whether a repad or other repair work, Dave Henry of Woodwind Tech gives each instrument personal attention. A quality repad or COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) will restore your sax to a playing condition, possibly even better than when it was purchased new.  Dave has been repairing and learning new techniques for 45+ years.
I play some sax, so I am aware of how the instrument should respond. Often, the reason a sax does not play well is because there are multiple small leaks throughout the instrument. Some leaks are from seepage through a porous leather pad. It makes a huge difference to seal all the little leaks.

If you are not in need of a repad I will effect necessary repairs only.  If optimum playability is the goal, I will dismantle the horn, check each pad, reassemble, sealing leaks as I go. This is a COA, and can be done if pads are mostly new.

Make an appointment for estimate or service. Serving the Cleveland Ohio area.
No charge for consultation or estimate.

Free adjustments on your sax for one year after COA or Repad

For appointment and address -

 Call / Text 216 571 0072

Saxophone Complete Repad

  • Disassembly
  • Clean body and keys
  • Most dents removed, align posts
  • Level toneholes if feasible
  • Replace all felts, corks, pads
  • Incidental soldering of guard tabs, etc  N/C
  • Pads are installed as flat as possible using melted shellac
  • Reassembly, tightening loose keys
  • Adjust mechanism for a light touch

Alto Repad: $567
Soprano Sax $567
Tenor Sax: $621
Baritone:  $918
  Major dent work /
rusted screws, mildewed - extra
Pro or vintage: $648
Pro or vintage: $648
Pro or vintage: $756

Steels, screws, springs are not replaced unless necessary.

8% sales tax included

Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA): Only done if most of the pads are still good.
Remove keys, clean, reassemble,
replacing loose corks and leveling pads.
Sop/Alto: $297
Tenor: $324        
Bari:  $405
Cash, check
, or PayPal.

Call / Text 216 571 0072
for appointment and address

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